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Friday, February 26, 2010

An Overview of Database System

A Database system is overall collection of different database software components and databases containing the following:
  • Database Application
  • Client Components
  • Database Server(s)
  • Database

These part will also be further discussed as follows:

A database application program is special purpose software that is designed and implemented by users or implemented by third party software company. In contrast Client Components are general purpose software designed and implemented by a database company. Using client components, users can access data store on the same or a remote computer.

The work of a database server is to manage data store in a database. Clients send queries to the database server while the server processes each query and sends the result back to the client.

A database can be viewed from two perspectives the users and the database systems. Users view a database as a collection of data that logically put together. For a database system, a database is simply a series of bytes, usually stored on a disk.

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